Shared testimonies from friends and family of Eden Inspirations. 

"John Couch is a story living and expressing himself in ways that are raw, relatable and beautifully encouraging; the kind of story where I find myself engrossed in the chapters, while simultaneously scratching my head at the extreme unlikeliness of it all. Whether having known Steve Jobs first-hand, spending years growing Apple, Inc., possessing a massive heart to see children receive a proper education, or turning heart-felt, personal journaling into gorgeously crafted songs in collaboration with world-class artists, John is a inspiring reminder of what God can do when we give up. When I grow up, I want to be more like John." - Chad Johnson from Come & Live / Provoke & Inspire Podcast

"This captures the real brokenness that there is in life that is rarely heard in worships music, while still reminding us that there is still always a greater hope." - Nicholas Mariakis on "Trust In Me" 

"This takes hold of my heart and sets me free. It's all about connecting with the heart of God." - Lindsey Clifford on "Your Word" 

“I remember sitting in my room at my piano, starting to write this song to support the movie Sound of Freedom, and feeling this deep urgency in my heart for the darkness to be turned to light and for freedom to be brought to those who have been waiting for someone to rescue them. I could see in my mind pictures of people held captive and feeling forgotten. I wanted the song to be a call to action, something that would declare that we will see the freedom for all those enslaved by Human Trafficking, and we will do something about it and not turn a blind eye to those in need. The lines ‘let it bring us to our knees’, are also a call to action that we would find ourselves so compelled that we would fall to our knees in prayer before God and asking Him to bring the freedom and to use our hands and feet and voices to bring His plan of redemption to those who need us to not be silent about their injustice. My hope is that this song stirs up a fire inside hearts to use their voices and abilities to see freedom for all.” - Lissy Lategan on “Song Of Freedom”

“The song 'Trust in Me’ helped the the kids at Royal Family Kids Camp Ithaca. ` Our theme this year was the good shepherd. Our theme for the last day of camp was, "You can trust the Good Shepherd". On the last evening of camp we had a session by the campfire first for the girls and then for the boys. I talked about being set free from sin (illusion of ropes through kid). The story of 3 young men who stood for God no matter what( Meshack, Shadrack and Abednego with vent figure, cool Ned) and closed with the story of the Great Blondin from Niagara falls acclaim. We sang the song "Rescue" by Lauren Daigle, one that we had been singing through the week. Then I played your song and asked the kids to listen to the words. Kids began to weep when they were overcome with the presence of the Lord and your invitation to trust Him. I asked how many would be willing to trust God with their life. Many instantly put up their hands.....even though I didn't ask for that. We prayed, and there were both boys and girls that decided to give their broken pieces and sin to a loving shepherd. You have no idea how your songs will be used in their lives. For most of these kids, this was the best week of their life, and what was given to them, they will carry through a lifetime. We had several campers who had never made it through a camp without being kicked out. One of those boys, had never shown emotion or any semblance of love for others. When his adoptive mother came to pick him up, he ran up to her, threw his arms around her and said "I love you". Her eyes filled with tears because nothing like this had ever happened before.” - Curt Zastrow on Songs Of The Night CD

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