John D Couch - Founder of Eden Inspirations

John D Couch - Founder of Eden Inspirations

I lost the love my life in 2015.

Needless to say I was caught off guard and devastated by the circumstance. My Christian friends reminded me that the “Battle was the Lords”. 

In the midst of my trial I realized I had put her in the driver’s seat and God in the backseat of my life. I knew I needed to make God first in my life. I now wake up everyday at 6 AM in His word, journal and read the books “Jesus Calling”,  “Be Still and Know”, “My Utmost for His Highest” and “Streams in the Desert” and “The Book Of Mysteries”.  I also started listening to Christian music. The music encouraged me to record God’s messages. My journals slowly unveiled to me His love, His peace and His promises. 

I was to trust him and be kind and compassionate despite the pain of abandonment. 

Encouraged by the stillness and serenity of the early morning, I started to see the encouraging words in my journal challenging me to rise above my circumstances and praise the Lord in word and song. 

My first songs were “Trust Me” and “Your Word.”

Following songs were “Your Love”, “Your Promise”, “Your Peace”, “Follow Me”, ‘Ordinary Man”,  “The Battle is the Lords,  “Never Forget” and “Just Today.”

When I look back at the messages and the sequence of the songs, I can see the wisdom of God's hand in the order of his challenges:  “Trust Me”, “My Word”, “My Love”, “My Promises”  “My Peace” and  “Follow Me”.

God has challenged me to live without pride as an “Ordinary Man.”  May I “Never Forget” my journey out of the darkness and into His light. 

I could have spent a whole life asking the question “why”, now I just trust God to guide me to “what’s next”.

My new life’s direction is to “Live for Christ” by living for others “Just Today” and everyday. I pray that these songs and new ones inspired by the Holy Spirit will aid and encourage others to see God’s love and hand in our lives despite the circumstances.

He is now first in my life.

The Original Inspired Words:

Trust in Me

Your Word

Your Love

Your Promises (May I Believe)

Your Peace

Follow Me

Just Today

Every Moment

Ordinary Man

Lord, Where Are You Now?

The Battle is the Lord's

A Soldier of Peace

Sound of Freedom

Speak the Name

Never Forget

Your Cross

Just a Girl

Your Hands

Come Jesus

Your Presence


Forgive Me Lord

Stepping Stones